Heart Of The Ocean Facial

A Hyaluronic Fillter

A high-end anti-aging facial treatment. Deep expression lines and pronounced wrinkles are addressed in this aesthetic therapy. Your skin will present younger-looking, smoother, less wrinkled and the deepest wrinkles, (frown lines, nasolabial furrows), are less pronounced.

Beauty Revealing Ritual

A comprehensive treatment that restores optimum hydration of the skin from within. First session, the replenished skin is plumped from within, regaining suppleness and softness...your complexion will be deeply hydrated, radiant and bright.

Energize Men

With the application of the Thalgo men’s vital blue algae serum, the skin presents brighter, improves cells by combatting cellular stress, then the moisturizer intensive hydrating cream improves the hydro-lipid film, and improves epidermal cell density.

Marine Softness Ritual

Effectively soothe and soften their sensitif skin, relieves irritated skins. Heat sensation, stinging and tightness make way for gentle sensation of freshness and wellbeing. Skin is oxygenated, refreshed and brightened.

Pure Freshness Ritual

A comprehensive treatment that suits oily to combination skin. As a treatment course, this salon facial regulates seborrhoea and benefits skin issues such as comedones, blemishes and any redness. The skin is rebalanced, blemishes fade and become less visible. In no time at all the skin becomes healthy again. 

Skin Solution

A veritable “Thalassotherapy facial “ to energize the skin and rebalance its vital functions. Treatment optimises the skin’s receptivity to specific anti-ageing delivery and deep hydrating techniques. 

Express Facial

Illuminating Radiance

An energizing digito-pressure massage, helps the smoothing and radiance boosting active ingredients absorb into the skin. Application of absolute radiance concentrate to the face and neck awakens the skin and the treatment is finished with a skin-type appropriate cream, leaving the complexion fresh and glowing with radiance. 


Acqua Spa Kids

Acqua Spa Kids

Full Body Massage

Experience our signature body massage

Acqua Spa Package

Acqua Spa Package