Kayu Spa at Jeep Station Indonesia Resort is a fitness centre facility in the hotel. The completeness of the equipment in The Workout can make us being  One Stop Destination Sport because it is supported by complete equipment and classes.

The Workout also have special features besides being able to exercise and classes, others support facilities are Swimming Pool and Wet Area which is completely with Vitality Pool, Stesam, Laconium, Sauna, Cold Shower, Changing Room , Locker (Male and Female seperated) and there are many more can be used while in The Workout.

Being in the JHL SOLITAIRE  neighborhood of a very Luxury 5-Star Hotel, of course with the presence of The Workout also has a 5-Star Hotel Standard, besides to hotels guests who will enjoy this facility, we also invite from outside hotel customers who want to become members or being part of The Workout.

Good health fitness and having a good body shape is a dreams for everyone, so come and join together with The Workout.




Kayu’s Spa Experience at River Side (120 Menit) - IDR 750,000

Upgrade your memorial with kayu's spa experience at river side jsi - Resort, our therapist will guide you make a Kayu's signature scrub that's good for remove dead skin and energizing continues full body massage experience and use one of our river gazebos, where you can relax with the sound of the music and the touch of traditional massage and warm kayu's it's good for improve blood sirculation with essential safflowers and saldalwood,as you enjoy the sensational indulgence of your therapist’s flowing hands bringing you optimal peace of mind.the end relaxation your journey with spice bath.

Herbal Indulgence (120 Menit) - IDR 750,000

Relax tension on your muscles with Delight Massage using warmed oil, welcome with a Natural Greentea & Ginger Coffee scrub that refreshes and removes your dead skin cells, Then mineralizes your skin's moisture with Rilex in aromatic bath.

Highly recommend to relax your muscles and mind with a massage using warm stones with selected oils that help to improve blood circulation, insomnia and Jetleg equipped with Kayu's signature scrub, Good to give brightness and freshness to your skin.

Melt A Way Package (120 Menit) - IDR 650,000

Highly recommend to relax your muscles and mind with a massage using warm stones with selected oils that help to improve blood circulation, insomnia and Jetleg equipped with Kayu's signature scrub, Good to give brightness and freshness to your skin.

Spice Body Harvest Therapy (60 Menit) - IDR 500,000

Detoxifies and refreshes your skin with natural Hydrating treatments that energize and refresh with Body Scrub and Body Wrap, spices applied to the body to revitalize and nourish the skin's moisture.




Kayu's Signature Massage (90 Menit) - IDR 450,000

With the traditional combination treatment method of massage and warm wood using oil that has been warmed as a medium of body care functions to relieve muscle stretches, soothe nerve pathways, improve blood circulation and reduce stress.

Delight Massage (60/90 Menit) - IDR 350,000 / IDR 450,000

Delight massage with stretching technique as an opening treatment using warm oil, palms and elbows as a body care media that serves to relax tired muscles, improve blood circulation and jetleg after.

Melt Away (90 Menit) - IDR 450,000

Therapy that uses the original stone that has been warmed in combination with oil of choice can balance your energy flow again and help stimulate the body's metabolism.



Kayu's Signature Scrub (45 Menit) - IDR 350,000

By utilizing natural wealth, Kayu's signature Scrub uses a lot of botanical ingredients such as, Rice, Cinnamon, Cloves & Pandan leaves. This warm and soothing traditional scrub is useful for removing dead skin cells and brightening the skin.

Ginger Coffee Scrub (45 Menit) - IDR 350,000

In addition to drinking, coffee and ginger can also be used as a medium for body care. Mixing grated ginger and local coffee powder is beneficial for warming, refreshing the skin and removing dead skin cells.

Natural Greentea Scrub (45 Menit) - IDR 350,000

Enriched treatment using natural green tea leaves as an expoliant contains many antioxidant and gives suppleness to the skin.



Kayu's Signature Body Wrap (30 Menit) - IDR 350,000

By using such as Base Powder mixed with cinnamon powder, the spice can be used as a supplement to fill nutrients into the skin and give a warm effect to the skin, this spice can also be used to burn fat in muscles and eliminate toxins in the body.

Natural Greentea Body Wrap (30 Menit) - IDR 350,000

Greentea fragrance mixed with powder, gives freshness to the body replenishes nutrients and members of the vitamin into the skin. Very useful for antioxidant and skin lightening.



Coffee Facial (60 Menit) - IDR 450,000

This facial treatment using natural herbs in combination with coffee and Virgin Coconut Oil to remove dark spots and blemishes on your face, this coffee facial is also recommended for all skin types. Restores hydration to the skin, brightens and moisturizes.

Warm Greentea Facial (60 Menit) - IDR 450,000

Greentea has refreshing and cooling properties for facial skin, in addition to brightening Greentea is useful for preventing premature aging, reducing wrickles on the facial skin and moisturizing the facial skin naturally.



REFLEXYOLOGY (60/90 Menit) - IDR 250,000 / IDR 400,000

This reflexology treatment using acupressure massage techniques is very helpful to stimulate sensory nerves and improve blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, relieve stress and strain on muscles.



Eye's Treatment (30 Menit) - IDR 200,000 

Not only is the face and body needed for beauty treatments, Kayu Spa also provides special treatment to remove black on the eye bags and wrinkles on the eyes. With the aroma of rose water and compressed ice cubes. This treatment provides benefits to reduce fine lines in the temples and under eyesn anti aging and provide moisture in the area under the eyes.

BATH HOUSE  (30 Menit) - IDR 100,000

Feel the beauty of using Kayu Spa Facilities by starting Rinse shower, whirlpool & cold water Bath, Stream, and Sauna useful for relaxing muscles before Spa treatment.