Soft Opening Acqua SPA

Friday 23 November 2018

Soft Opening Acqua SPA

Coinciding with the Grand Opening celebration of JHL Solitaire Hotel in November, ACQUA Spa & Wellness is on the 3rd floor of JHL Solitaire Hotel officially to open Spa Treatment outlets on Saturday November 25 2018. The luxury of a Spa place has been painted from the first time entering the Main Lobby Floor 3 Acqua Spa & Wellness. With a special interior design to provide a sense of comfort, calm, fresh and clean, of course this is very pampering customers who come in the Acqua Spa & Wellness area.

Enjoying the Spa is not only limited to the touch of massage or firmness of a Therapist, but there are many supporting elements that make the Spa Treatment highly appreciated by Penikmat Spa. The characteristic and character of a spa place is also a customer destination for dating to enjoy the best services from Spa Therapists.

Acqua Spa & Welllness provides what is needed by the customer with a variety of treatment menus that use Oil and special tools such as bamboo to become the character of the Treatment Spa of Acqua Spa & Wellness.

The momentum of November 25, 2018 is the beginning of the birth of Acqa Spa & Wellness which was attended by All Management of PT. Amerta Jiwa Indonesia, which owns the Acqua Spa & Wellness product, The Workout Gym and the Acquaree Spa Journey, also shows JHL Solitaire Hotel Management, Journalists, Invitation Guests, Loyal Customers and others wrapped in the excitement of SOFT OPENING Acqua Spa & Wellness.

Acqua Spa & Wellness Be The First to Experience Our Signature Treatment.

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Testimonial From Indy Barends Artist About Acqua Spa

The arrival of Indy Barends at Acqua Spa & Wellness is in the JHL Solitaire Hotel Grand Opening series, "it is amazing that serpong has a luxurious spa place and feels in heaven" that is the impression he first came to at Acqua Spa & Wellness.

Testimonial From Indonesian Artist Risty Tagor

good place for relaxing... at ACQUA SPA WELLNESS 3rd floor JHL SOLITAIRE HOTEL GADING SERPONG

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