For women whose skin has lost firmness and needs toning.


For women whose skin has lost firmness and needs toning. This cream helps to firm the deeper layers of the skin. The Sculpt Active technology, highly enriched with some of the most innovative retexturising and firming ingredients, helps combat the appearance of skin slackening. The figure looks redefined, visibly re-sculpted and reshaped.

Categories: Facial


Thalgo Resurfacing Cream is perfect for those in search of deeper exfoliation to restore skin radiance and treat surface irregularities and fine lines.

A very nice kimono with a soft, soft fabric texture is also here, as a complement to your needs at home with a very attractive Kimono.

A fresh toning lotion to be used after the Foaming Marine Cleanser or the Pure Freshness Cleansing Milk.

The sandals we have are very different from the others, our sandals are made from Pandan Leaf which is very safe and comfortable on the skin, for everyday life at home with these sandals will give a different touch and is very comfortable.

Soap with Ball Shape with Fragrance Fruits are placed in bath water to dissolve and provide therapeutic properties that will provide fragrant around the body and cleanse from the dirt that adheres. If used regularly, it will get a KUlit that is more luminous and healthier ion.