Full Body Massage

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Enjoy a taste of Banten using signature oil with tomato leaf, island spices and a hint of bergamot. This is a refreshing and balancing choice with combined techniques of rolling, strectching and toning massage using warm bamboo to restore the body’s equilibrium and encourage flow of “Qi”. Bamboo represent strength and longevity, the treatment increasing blood circulation and relaxing tired and strained muscles.

Creadle & Expand

A dry massage treatment that loosens the joints with a moblization technique, works on muscular tension with deep acupressure, and provides stretching to the body with breathwork.

In Deep-Deep Tissue Massage

This is a very strong energizing massage treatment that combines the old world of Javanese and Balinese massage with the knowledge and science of the West. Minty Citrus Infusion oil its great for tired muscles, assists in brain health, is cooling and relieves headeaches.      .

Slumberland Massage

A very gentle and deeply relaxing massage with Balinese technique, slow movements and long firm cares. This massage is great for jet-lag, insomnia, and encouraging a good nights sleep. Surrender to the ebb and flow of nature, exhale and release all tension.


Heart Of The Ocean Facial

Experience our signature Ocean Facial

Full Body Scrub

Experience our signature Body Scrub

VIP Suite Bath

Experience our signature VIP Bath